How to create a Product like Google Maps

How to Create Google Maps like Product
How to Create Google Maps like Product
Learn How to Create Google Maps like Product or service through the power of pseudo code

Below is the Pseudo Code for Google Maps

// Define classes for basic map elements
class Location {
    float latitude
    float longitude
    string name
    // Constructor
    Location(float lat, float lon, string name)
        this.latitude = lat
        this.longitude = lon = name

// Class for handling map data
class MapData {
    List<Location> locations
    List<Route> routes
    // Load data from external sources
    method loadData(string source)
        // Parse data from source and populate locations and routes
        this.locations = parseLocations(source)
        this.routes = parseRoutes(source)

// Class for routes between locations
class Route {
    Location start
    Location end
    float distance
    List<Location> waypoints
    // Constructor
    Route(Location start, Location end, float distance, List<Location> waypoints)
        this.start = start
        this.end = end
        this.distance = distance
        this.waypoints = waypoints

// Class for handling user interactions
class UserInterface {
    MapData mapData
    // Constructor
    UserInterface(MapData data)
        this.mapData = data
    // Method to search for a location
    method searchLocation(string query)
        // Search mapData.locations for matching query
        return findLocation(query)
    // Method to calculate route
    method calculateRoute(Location start, Location end)
        // Use routing algorithm to find best route
        return findBestRoute(start, end)
    // Method to display map
    method displayMap()
        // Render map with locations and routes

// Main function to run the map service
function main()
    // Initialize map data
    MapData mapData = new MapData()
    // Initialize user interface
    UserInterface ui = new UserInterface(mapData)
    // Display map
    // Allow user to search and calculate routes
    while (true)
        string query = getUserInput()
        if (query is "exit")
        Location location = ui.searchLocation(query)
        if (location exists)
            // Prompt user to enter start and end locations
            Location start = getUserInputLocation("Enter start location:")
            Location end = getUserInputLocation("Enter end location:")
            Route route = ui.calculateRoute(start, end)